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Sister Kosser delivered a Public Speaking course with us at Dar Al-Arqam. From observation and student feedback, she was seen to be very engaging and had a remarkably positive attitude. It was a pleasure to have her on board with us.
, Dar Al Arqam
It was a pleasure working with Kosser, she was punctual, professional and energetic. A very talented and skilled individual. Her commitment and passion towards the workshop were great to see.
She presented the youth with various workshop and activities which were positively received.
We look forward to working with Kosser in the future!
, Greenstars Youth
Sister Kosser is absolutely amazing Allaahumma Baarik! She led a fun and motivational workshop for our students at our recent Quran camp. She managed to get everyone engaging and interacting with each other - even the shy sisters felt comfortable to come forward and speak!
, Istihabi Institute
Ms.Kosser, on behalf of everyone in the Islamic Department at Gems Dubai American Academy, THANK YOU for taking the time to speak to us on the very important topic of Public Speaking.
Your way of presentation was amazing and interesting for all of us. And we thank you for engaging the students in avery productive way.
Once again, “THANK YOU".
Thank you Sister Kosser, the boys were able to practise their speeches for the LAMDA exam in front of the whole school, and they did so with excellence al hamdu lillah. They've acquired skills which will not only help them lead the Jumu'ah prayers at our school next year, but skills which will benefit them for the rest of their lives. We look forward to working with you again in the future in sha Allah. Jazak Allah
, Brondesbury College for Boys
"Kosser has been wonderful to work with, being very responsive and cooperative. She has very effectively tailored her one-to-one sessions to my teenage son's requirements, helping  him develop the correct body language, posture and intonation required for public speaking - in just ten sessions I can sense a real difference!
Her techniques are fun and engaging - a pleasant change for a youngster busy preparing for GCSEs. She takes a personal interest in her student's success and always goes the extra mile to help my son. The skills that he has gained will no doubt  be invaluable to him in his further studies and future career."

, Parent
Kosser has helped in ways that has always led to a positive  impact. She has facilitated me through difficult personal times and has undoubtedly provided guidance that was nurturing, productive and influential on my life. 
She was able to empathise with my hardships and continued to support me even though she had a family of her own to take care of yet put mine and families needs first. She is extremely versatile and can suggest approaches on how to aspire and reach your full potential. I truly believe she has helped me to change my personal perspective in life which In turn has made me a better person. Thank you Kosser. - Noreen
On the few occasions we have met you had a very positive impact on me. You made realise that I need to be more positive and stay away from negative people bcos they are going to push me further into negativity instead of trying to come out of it. You made reflect on what I really want to do in life and then slowly I should make changes to achieve certain things. You also made realise that dreaming doesn’t hurt anyone, it can be something to push you further to reach places you wouldn’t think you could reach.  Overall very good influence.
Also everything you are doing is very inspiring and I wish one day I will reach that point when I am content with myself, inshallah - S.O
You took my eldest 3 under your wings as a mentor,teacher,their friend you invested your precious time into a teenage club you set up which my girls really benefited from and think of you often and are grateful for your love and attention. You've always been very inspirational. May Allah bless you with many more years of inspiring,teaching,mentoring,guiding,and more importantly just always being their to lend and ear even if it's a phone call or message away.
Your someone that every community,every child young or old needs,every friend needs. Thank you meri jaan for being you.
Kosser has always been one of the biggest movers and shakers I have known! She always puts others before herself and gives her all. I am very grateful to have worked with her on numerous projects. A true treasure to the world. - Anisa Kissoon
, Mayya Holistic Health
On behalf of everyone at Palm Global Academy, we would like to thank Mrs Kosser for her amazing work with our students. She is very diligent and passionate about ensuring all students take part and develop their confidence in speaking in public. The impact on the students was evident to see by the end of the Public Speaking sessions. Highly recommended, Masha'Allah.
, Palm Global Academy
Omg sis, I can’t believe you've cracked into my heart after all these years. It's like a dam bursting open, releasing years of pent-up pain and emotion. Subhanallah, I'm overwhelmed by this rush of feelings, and I wish I could just come over to give you the biggest, warmest hug. You're truly a blessing in my life, and I feel like I need to go for a walk to let everything sink in and find some calm amidst this storm of emotions. Jazakallah so much. I can’t thank you enough xx--
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Kosser Abdul Aziz’s vision is to empower women and children from around the world with the life skills required to make them confident speakers, to motivate them and nurture them into becoming inspirational leaders and communicators of their generation.
She uses her creativity and enthusiasm to support and inspire others to freely express their talents in a respectful and loving way.
Kosser is a motivational public speaking coach for women and children, as well as a TV Presenter, Compère, published Author and CEO of a social enterprise, Alburouge CIC, providing subsidised educational and recreational activities for Muslim children and women living in the London Boroughs of Brent and Ealing.

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Kosser’s unique, enthusiastic presentation style motivates speaker academy participants, young and old, and encourages them to become a better version of themselves by taking action, and sharing their newfound energy with others.
Kosser has a distinctive teaching style. She gives preference to coaching her students, allowing for more of a creative and critical thinking environment, where the students learn more through demonstration and group activities. 
She adapts her sessions to her student’s needs and requirements which has proven to be profoundly effective. Kosser has led several workshops at various institutes with incredible results.


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